Global Private Asset Structuring, Sourcing and Management

A key component of successful financial planning is the systematic structuring and management of assets.  Mobility of capital, cross-border transactions, immigration and changes in jurisdictional regulations have greatly increased the need for consolidation of assets management and preservation & protection of wealth.

Working closely and confidentially with our clients, we develop a deep understanding of their individual and financial circumstances and objectives. By using a personalized and proactive approach, we assist our clients in the creation and management of ideal legal, financial and tax structures which creates a basis for optimized investing and long-term asset preservation.

Our teams and network of partners consist of administrative, legal, financial and tax experts with years of international experience in providing efficient and sustainable solutions to our clients. While considering the specific nature of our client’s requirements, we provide a range of services which, without limit, includes the following:

  • Establishment of private and family trusts;
  • Creation and coordination of wealth & tax planning solutions (including residency, investment companies, etc.);
  • Fiduciary transactions;
  • Shareholding schemes;
  • Banking and financial services;
  • Estate and succession planning;
  • Incorporation of diverse entities and capital structuring; and
  • Debt management and restructuring.

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