Banking Services

Given that bank accounts are essential for operating businesses and financial inclusion, today banks have become far more stringent and selective for account opening whereby international efforts in AML and other regulatory requirements have added to the complexity and increased the timing of account opening processes.

Having established ourselves as a reputable and professional firm, we have developed a mutually respectable relationship with many international banks and non-banking financial institutions, both for private and corporate banking. Working closely with such institutions has enabled us develop a deep understanding of their account opening process and compliance requirements. We also have up-to-date information on the ever-changing rules and regulations of the banking industry.

We are able to properly advise and guide our clients on the best and most suitable financial institutions with which they can conduct their personal and corporate financial activities through well-developed and highly efficient banking systems. Our in-house compliance and administrative teams have working knowledge of the formats and documents required for account opening and maintenance purposes and can provide valuable assistance and support.

Our experience and activities cut across several jurisdictions such as the Middle East, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Switzerland and the mainland of Europe, etc. We emphasize on the above jurisdictions as banking centers, due to a number of key advantages such as tax mitigation, confidentiality and secure banking solutions for corporate entities or individuals with low fees, high quality of service and remote account management.

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