Shanghai Limited Liability Company

Shanghai is the largest center of commerce and finance in mainland China and has been described as the “showpiece” of the world’s fastest-growing major economy with an estimated number of 20 million people.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Population growth, viable economy, with strong consumption potential;
  • Ultra – Modern and vast network of transportation nodes across the Country;
  • High standard of living;
  • Ability to hire staff or personnel in China;
  • Flexible and attractive Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI’) Policies;
  • 100% Foreign business ownership;
  • Availability of a wide-range of business activities;
  • Ability to open and maintain Individual and Corporate bank accounts in China


  • Registered Capital: There are no minimum capital requirements; however, the capital must not be “zero” [The registered capital and the period of its contribution must be indicated in the Article of Association of the Company.]
  • Tax Rate:
        Value Added Tax: 17%
        Corporate Tax: 25%
  • Registered Address: There is a requirement to obtain the lease of an actual office space in the name of the company.
  • Structure of the Company
        Shareholders: Minimum of One (1), (Corporate or Individual)
  • Board of Directors or Executive Director: The company must appoint a minimum of three (3) members to constitute the Board of Directors, or appoint a single Executive Director;
  • Supervisory Committee:
        For small scale companies : 1-2
        For large companies: not less than 3
  • The Investors (i.e. the shareholders) shall appoint the Supervisors of the company. Management Persons shall not act as Supervisors. 
  • General Manager: One (1)
  • The Board of Directors and/or Executive Director shall appoint the General Manager of the Company
  • Appointment of Legal Representative: One (1)
  • The Chairman Board of Directors, or the executive director, or general manager may act as the Legal Representative of the Company.
  • Accountant: the Company may hire either an accountant or an accounting service company to carry out the function.
  • Time Frame: A minimum of 30 business days from the date of submitting the necessary documents to the Authorities

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