Estate & Succession Planning

Whilst it might initially be an uncomfortable topic, the preservation and efficient transfer of wealth and assets are hallmarks of a successful legacy. The circumstances and “end-goals” of each individual vary but our bespoke and confidential services provide wealth preservation and testamentary transfer services according to individual requests.  

Needs and desires vary as do the laws and regulations of every jurisdictions where assets are situated. It might be to protect family assets from creditors and claims against heirs,  give to charity in a tax efficient way, create trusts to protect minor children and intergenerational transfer of wealth, succession planning to protect the continued success of your business, etc.

The GFG team is fully equipped and committed to assisting you with the preservation of your wealth.  After a thorough analysis of the assets and end goal of our client and its beneficiary, we map out the best solution to help them take advantage of innovative asset protection methods taking into account various applicable rules such as inheritance and tax laws, property rights, etc.

We work with clients across the globe to develop effective estate and succession plans.  Some, but not all, of the services we provide are:

  1. Facilitation services;
  2. Will & testaments;
  3. Special needs trusts;
  4. Life insurance trusts;
  5. Intergenerational trusts;
  6. Revocable, irrevocable & grantor trusts;
  7. Disability & special needs;
  8. Business succession planning;
  9. Charitable gifts and philanthropic planning;
  10. Family limited partnerships;
  11. Estate tax planning;
  12. Multi-jurisdictional tax planning; and
  13. Post Mortem planning.

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