Intellectual Property & Royalty Flows for Technology and Innovation

A significant amount of capital, research and technical manpower are expended in the methodology, creation and marketing of products and innovations in the fields of biotechnology, engineering, nanotechnology, industry, etc. Globalization and an increase in digital access of information means that a watertight intellectual property (IP) portfolio and strategy (preventive and defensive) are essential for securing the technical and pioneering advancements of creators and innovators.

GFG is well versed in the delineation, registration, preservation, commercialization and monetization of IP rights. Working closely with our clients to determine their objectives, we develop a tailored strategy aimed at securing their advancements and creating prohibitive rights, managing their IP portfolios worldwide and developing a targeted approach to the commercialization of such rights.  

We interface between law, science and business with our teams having vast experience in the preparation, filing and management of patents, trademarks, copyrights, design applications and other IP rights. With experienced local partners around the world, we monitor the competitive landscape and portfolios of rivals and assist in the enforcement of such IP rights and prosecution of infringers.

IP rights are valuable assets which can be used as capital raising catalysts (e.g. government grant schemes and private equity), bargaining chips in cross licensing agreements and a number of other commercial activities. We provide expert financial advice and assistance to enable our clients maximize the commercial sector of their rights, which may also include royalty payments.

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