Legal, Fiduciary & Trust

As corporate trustees, we have a fiduciary duty and legal responsibility to manage your assets responsibly based on your needs and instructions. Trust assets we manage include company assets, bank deposits, real estate, cash, as well as the provision of total anonymity through holding company shares for the ultimate beneficial owner. Our expert lawyers have multijurisdictional qualifications and provide a range of inclusive legal services; we are thus able to provide in-house solutions to the commercial and personal needs of our clients.

Our highly confidential services cover the rigorous and increasingly challenging aspects of establishing international and local corporate, trust, investment fund and foundation structures, including the complete implementation and administration of our innovative bespoke solutions and services.

We provide a personalized range of services for the management of assets and wealth.  From advisory services on structuring, to establishment, administration and taxation, we ensure premium services which include, but not limited to:

  • Principal and income accounting;
  • Beneficiary distributions;
  • Bill payment;
  • Tax planning and filings;
  • Fiduciary record-keeping and accounting;
  • Setting up private trust companies;
  • Regulatory and legal updates;
  • Investment accounts for administration of trust funds;
  • Wealth preservation and transfer control;
  • Asset protection;
  • Accurate and dependable recordkeeping;
  • Estate administration; and
  • Drafting and construing legal documents.

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