Panama Offshore International Business Company

Panama has become one of the most important tax  havens of the Western Hemisphere, because of its structure, geographical position, political stability and characteristics of its economy International  investors and businessmen alike find Panama as a perfect foreign base country for world-trade operations and transactions. Panama imposes no limits on monetary transfers to and from the country.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Well established jurisdiction that has developed a good reputation over a number of years
  • Sole ownership is possible
  • Registration of shares in public office of Panama is not required.
  • Shares can be in the book of share registration which can be in Panama or anywhere in the world.
  • Declaration of  activities is not required for a      Panamanian company that operates outside the     territory of Panama.
  • Income tax report is not required.
  • No residency requirement for any of the owners, shareholders or directors
  • No tax levied on income gain outside Panama
  • Quick incorporation and minimum maintenance cost
  • Bearer share is permitted
  • No paid up capital requirement
  • Exemption from inheritance tax
  • No currency exchange controls
  • Legal protection provided for a more secure and confidential business and banking transactions
  • Full asset protection
  • Funds and accumulated offshore profits can be deposited or invested in any country in the world without becoming subject to taxation in Panama.

Type of EntityIBC
Type of LawCivi Law
Shelf Company availabilityYes
Our Time to establish a new company2 Days
Taxation on foreign incomeNil
Double Taxation treaty accessYes, in a few countries
Standard currency of share capitalUS$
Other permitted currencies of capitalAny
Minimum paid up share capitalUS$1
Usual authorized share capitalUS$10,000
Minimum number of Directors/Managers3
Local Directors/Managers requiredNo
Publicly accessible record of directors/ManagersYes
Locations of directors/managers meetingAnywhere
Minimum number of Shareholders1
Company Secretary requiredYes
Local or Qualified company secretary requiredNo
Requirement for Audited accountsNo
Requirement to file accountsNo
Publicly accessible accountsNo
Requirement to file annual returnNo
Change in Domicile permittedYes
Requirement to prepare accountsYes
Bearer sharesYes

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