Virtual Currency Platforms

Virtual Currency (VC) trading has taken the financial and investment world by storm. There has been an influx of investors plunging into the hugely popular sector of virtual currency trading with many investing in multiple digital currencies. With the hugely popular Bitcoin and other emerging cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Ethereum, most investors are looking towards digital currencies as an innovative means to yield maximum returns on their investments.

The choice of which Virtual Currency Platform (VCP) to conduct their transactions is therefore of paramount importance as it can be the determining factor between success and failure.  GFG through it’s private and exclusive working relationships with crypto-farms and crypto exchanges ,have devised solutions  for highly specialized crypto investment strategies beginning with the selection of the most suitable VCP.  

In advising our clients on which VCP to use and the legal and financial aspects of VC trading in general, we consider a lot of matters, including the following:

Security – This is the most exigent matter to be considered when evaluating a VCP. As most have fairly standard digital protection, we delve deeper to assess the availability of more sophisticated security measures such as: encryption methods, mode of storage (off or online), regular IT security reviews and upgrades, verification requirements, financial audits, Insurance, etc.

Administration – We provide technical advice regarding the superficial aspects of the VCP [e.g. user-friendly interface] and the more analytical sectors such as: low latency, access to real time data, provision for secure algorithmic trading bots, availability of multi-currency trading and new investing opportunities, affiliations with reputable investors? etc.

Fees – Investors and traders alike seek to maximize their profits and should naturally be wary of unreasonable maintenance fees, transfer fees (such as maker and taker fees) and hidden charges. We undertake a comparison of the fees vis-à-vis the services rendered to see if it’s justifiable.

Jurisdiction – Selecting a VCP that is domiciled in a favorable jurisdiction is advantageous as local regulations can provide an extra level of protection and investment opportunities (e.g. Japan having recognized Bitcoin as a currency). We help our clients find the delicate balance between having regulatory protection and compliance with government requirements (e.g. anti-money laundering laws, income tax reporting, data privacy laws etc.)

With our strategic means of ‘investment engineering we are able to help you maximize your investment returns in a most secure and seamless method. 

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