What we do

We have no products to sell but rather create bespoke solutions that differentiate our services from those of our competitors, thereby, enabling and empowering us to make objective recommendations that help our clients meet their goals, protect and pass on their wealth with confidence.

Each client's needs differ, therefore, at GFG; we have adopted a flexible and diligent approach to handle each and every client. GFG will ensure 'meetings of the mind' and add the personal 'touch' prior to any recommendation being implemented. Our clients needs are handled directly by our expert professional staff that possesses the necessary skills to understand in-depth typical and complicated requirements of international transactions and international business.


Unlike most other service providers, that are directly or indirectly owned and controlled by a financial institution, we are independently and privately owned by our employees, directors and founding families. Our independence coupled with freedom enables us to provide the continuity, stability and the sophisticated and creative solutions which set us apart from others.

Global Reach

We are strategically located with our head office in United Arab Emirates, a global trading and financial hub within the cross roads of Asia, Europe and Africa. Easily accessible, and within the reach of more than two billion people (from Africa, Gulf and Central/South/Far East Asia).