Nevis Limited Liability Company

Nevis Limited Liability Company is a suitable vehicle for sole proprietors, business partnerships and offshore asset protection. It has a straightforward operations and management process as well as being simplified, short and with an uncomplicated incorporation process.

The Nevis LLC is ruled under the Nevis LLC Ordinance 1995; it ensures the formation process by filing Articles of Organization with the registrar, owners are called members instead of shareholders since the LLC does not hold shares, and it is a legal entity with separate rights and liabilities.

 Some of the key features are listed below:

 Advantages and Benefits

  • Nevis LLC is 100 % tax—free,
  • Members may be a non-resident and can be a person or entities, including incorporations, partnerships, trusts, etc.
  • Highly confidential jurisdiction with restriction of public access to company records
  • Nominee members are permitted to obtained high confidentiality and privacy
  • Re-domiciliation is allowed in or out of Nevis, emergency transfers are granted for non Nevis LLCs.
  • International banks with sophisticated banking system are available in Nevis.
  • No dual taxation treaties with other countries therefore no requirement for exchange of information with other tax authorities
  • Bearer share are permitted and are subject to special custodian shares.
Type of EntityLLC
Type of LawCommon Law
Shelf Company availabilityYes
Our Time to establish a new company1-5 Working Days
Taxation on foreign incomeNil
Double Taxation treaty accessNo
Standard currency of share capitalNot Applicable
Other permitted currencies of capitalNot Applicable
Minimum paid up share capitalNot Applicable
Usual authorized share capitalNot Applicable
Minimum number of Directors/Managers1
Local Directors/Managers requiredNo
Publicly accessible record of directors/ManagersYes
Locations of directors/managers meetingAnywhere
Company Secretary requiredNot Applicable
Local or Qualified company secretary requiredNot Applicable
Requirement for Audited accountsNo
Requirement to file accountsNo
Publicly accessible accountsNo
Requirement to file annual returnNo
Change in Domicile permittedYes
Requirement to prepare accountsYes
Bearer sharesYes

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