Private Aircraft Registration & Management

Global Fiduciary Group is part of an exclusive and independent worldwide network that provides bespoke turnkey solutions to your aviation needs. By applying in-depth commercial knowledge and experience, we optimize the soundness of your assets operation, protect its value and maximize the ROI.

Through our network of specialist partners and dedicated team, we provide in-house solutions aimed at easing the administrative responsibilities of owning a private aircraft and also provide advisory and administrative assistance on airport management and operations.

Our aviation department provides sophisticated, flexible and innovative financial solutions to your ACMI (aircraft, crew maintenance and Insurance) needs ranging from startup consulting, purchase financing and high caliber leasing (wet, damp, dry and ad-hoc charters) to operational, regulatory and assets management services.

Without limit, a summary of the services we provide are listed below:

  • Purchase (outright or financed), lease and sale of the aircraft;
  • Creation and management of tax efficient company holding structure;
  • Competitive insurance arrangements;
  • Aircraft maintenance and operation services;
  • Customs and legal advice;
  • Green aviation advisory services;
  • Fleet planning and optimal utilization;
  • HR services including employment and management of flight crew and technical workers;
  • Startup and administrative support;
  • Business modelling, marketing and brand positioning strategies; and
  • Manage expenses and optimize revenue.

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