Structured Finance Solutions

When corporations and individuals have complex financial needs which cannot easily be satisfied by conventional financial products and services, they approach us to provide novel bespoke solutions.

Through the combination of two or more traditional financial services or by the creation of a customized value added product, we deliver in-house solutions aimed at providing non- operating cash flow financing and controlled risk mitigation solutions. In broad terms, portfolio engineering, hybrid financing and creation & modification of synthetic financial instruments are a few of the ways we meet and solve the needs of our clients.

With our team of lawyers, financial analysts and fund managers as well as our long-standing relationships with global financial institutions and capital providers, GFG is able to provide a wide range of customizable solutions, some of which are listed below:

  • Mezzanine financing;
  • Capital expenditure and expansion facilities;
  • Asset and mortgage backed securities financing;
  • Specialist directorship and trustee services;
  • Restructurings and insolvency management;
  • Share recapitalisations, dividend/cash-out transactions and preference share funding;
  • Block discount and bridging loans;
  • Peer to Peer funding facilitation;
  • Elective and spot factoring;
  • Term loan financing;
  • Expansion and liquidity security;
  • Hybrid financing and private placements;
  • Debt restructuring and funding;
  • Capital market;
  • Securitization;
  • Collateralized mortgage obligation (CMOs);
  • Collateralized bond obligations (CBOs);
  • Collateralized debt obligations (CDOs); and
  • Derivatives.

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